Which is the equivalent of "On Hear Noise" (Pawnsensing) in AI Perception?

Hi everyone!
I’m building an AI enemy capable to chase the player based on sight, but also on the noises detection.
As far as I know, the Pawnsensing will be totally replaced by AI Perception, so I’m using the latter.

My question is: how can I distinguish AI Sight from AI Hearing?

Here is the BP I’m successfully using in order to detect on sight the player:

As you can see there is no way to distinguish between sight and hearing, since the AIStimulus does not contain any of them. Am I missing something?


Just found this, not sure if it will work.



Have you found the answer yet ? I am having the same question

You can do that by following the answer laid out here:

You could also use tags.
When reporting the noise event, you can add a tag and then on “perception updated” you can check if this tag is there.

This way you can also identify different noises (such as a whistle or a gun shot) because they would have their own tags.

For anyone here from Google:
There is a “Get Sense Class for Stimulus” node.