Which is more powerful? UnrealScript or Blueprint?

Or based on the following statement, should I expect similar level of functionalities between the 2?

“Converts FKCS to UnrealScript VM bytecode which are then serialized into the function’s script array.”


From what I remember it’s something like (I’m doing this from memory, so may be off in places):

UE3: C++ is 10x faster than Unrealscript which is 10x faster than Kismet.
UE4: C++ is still faster, but blueprints are somewhere in the region of (up to) twice as fast as Unrealscript.

Another way to look at it: No, you should expect Blueprints to generally out-perform Unrealscript, but it depends on what you’re doing.

Thanks for commenting the performance, Triblade : ).

How about the feature set of the languages themselves? I mean, support of delegate/interface etc. (Not the API completeness, I think Blueprint is better in API exposure, at least you have source code to expose more)


One other thing to consider, is which of the two, Blueprint, or Unrealscript, do you feel will get the most attention from Epic Games Development?

To me, it appears to be Blueprints, by far.

Your milage may vary of course,

Thanks, jayice. The Technical Guide page mentions compiling to UnrealScript VM bytecode, so I was just wondering whether Blueprint already has the feature set that UnrealScript had. That is the point.

If I understood the documentation correctly - There is no more UnrealScript. The only way to achieve that level is through code using C++.

It basically boils down to three options: You can use Blueprint, C++ or a combination of the two. Forget UnrealScript ever existed.