Which is faster and more efficient? LineTrace by Object(s) or Channel?

linetraceforobjects vs linetracebychannel

which one is faster and more efficient?

Neither. Both use exactly same code path. The only difference is which bits are used for tracing (object types or channel types), in physx it all boils down to the same code.

You should test it out (both are extremely efficient anyways). What I usually do to test performance is test something using an input. As an example:

When I press B:
•Store the value of ‘Now’ in a DateTime variable
•Use a loop to perform whatever it is n # of times (starting at like 100)
•When the loop is compete, subtract your current ‘Now’ value with the stored variable ‘Now’ value, and from that do ‘Get Total Milliseconds’.
•Print string the total milliseconds from above. You now have a test that prints out the time it takes to complete your loop body 100 times.
•Now swap out the loop body with something else, and note down the time. If there is no performance impact, bump up the count of your loop by 10x, and repeat the test.

You do this on every nodesetup?

Just if I’m concerned about the performance of something, like getting data from data table vs from array (Same speed btw).