which is better for game design, laptop or desktop?

I have heard that using a laptop is ok but I also heard that a desktop can do more for a lesser price.

A laptop (unless it is an uber gaming laptop) is always going to be less capable than a desktop. Having said that however, you can do game development on a laptop, but I would always recommend a desktop first.

I use a desktop as my primary development machine and my laptop is a backup and a unit that I use when I am away from the office or need to quickly tweak something.

One answer could be, whichever gets you making games more often. If you’re always on the go then having a laptop may be better. But you’ll probably need to spend at least $2k USD to get something beefy enough. Desktop normally wins the battle for which offers a better spec for the price…

I personally prefer a laptop, as long as it’s a powerful one -> you can develop wherever you like :slight_smile:
But it’s cheaper to buy a desktop PC which is even better than the laptop -> as long as you build it by your own

what budget can you take?

I find myself in possibly a similar situation. I’m looking at buying a gaming laptop around $800, and these are what I’m looking at

I would never use a laptop for game development. So many Cons, it’s not worth it.

…And the cons are?

  • battery
  • screen too small
  • limited keyboard
  • runs slow
  • keyboard and monitor too close from each other

but most importantly it’s very uncomfortable if you’re doing serious work

Laptop Pros:
Mobility… Working while on the move. Flexibility / freedom to work from sofa / bed / college / friend’s house
Less knowledge required to build, fewer concerns about matching PSU / Motherboard / Ram specs.
Smaller footprint if space is an issue.

Laptop Cons:
Beyond overclocking, graphics are fixed because only select laptops support GPU upgrading.
Laptops run about as fast or as slow as your budget allows but generally they are much more expensive.
Some laptop models can’t run games while on battery and battery life can be as poor as two hours or less.
Most high-power graphics laptops are bulky and some casings are precariously delicate.
Some models suffer serious cooling issues so studying reviews is critical.

Laptop Neutral points:
Quality and size of screen is a key issue and non-glossy displays are preferred.
But as many game devs use multiple screen-setups, this isn’t as big an issue as laptops-for-gamers solely.
Some laptops suffer bad keyboards, but not all and external / wireless keyboards are relatively cheap.

If you are spending around $800 bucks, I recommend that you get a desktop Digital Storm. These are some very high end computers and will easily power everything you can imagine.

Unless you’re getting a laptop with one of the new GeForce cards I would definitely go desktop. I went Desktop first, but I would keep an eye on Craigslist and found a laptop for 200 bucks with the new GeForce card in it and a couple items I had in trade. But if you’re going to be working from home Desktop is definitely the way to go it’s so much cheaper especially if you build it yourself on Newegg.