Which iPad model is best for ARKit?

Hi All,

This is a general question, I’m keen to know what iPads you’ve used ARKit with? I see it supports any device running iOS11 but I am curious to know how well ARKit runs on an iPad Pro compared to any other iPad?

I’m looking to get my own iPad for work and development outside of the office and would like to know if there’s a great difference in performance between an A10X processor and the A9.

We have the new iPad Pro 12" 2017 and it´s blazing fast. Way faster then f.e. my iPhone7+
I can run my App with the Metal2-Desktop-Renderer between 25-40 frames in a heavy scene.

That’s interesting then, the iPhone 7 has an A10 so we can assume an iPad 2017 with the A9 might not be so good? I have used iPad Pro 12" 2017 in the office and an iPad 2016(?) but I’ve not used ARKit with them yet so can’t tell how well they both handle it.

Yes, the difference between A10 and A10x is huge ! I made an ARkit demo with a Porsche car, with the iPad I’m able to render it fluid even when i record the screen on the iPad
using the building screen capture tool. On the iPhone it stutters like hell when doing this !