Which GPU for UE, to make animation film?

Hello everyone.

I’m a blind-walker-in-the-cave newbie who want to learn making 3d animation film. So that after a while watched them tutorials on Youtube, I temporarily believe that UE4 is pretty good at making scene. Maybe I’m wrong, but I am assuming that when one use UE4 to make scene for film, he won’t have to make leaves fall, snow fall, water simulation,… or every interactive stuffs. I don’t know if that’s true.

Plus, I have seen several films made by UE4 and Unity. Them qualities are really good as to be made by 3d modelling software. It made me more believe that UE4 is my best bet for making film, since it also have realtime rendering.

I have a Quadro K4000 GPU. Yesterday I tested the “A boy and his kite”, and some other Architecture projects. This is my 1st time using a workstation, caring about hardware etc. Seeing the unsatisfied quality in the editing frame of UE4, I wonder if because the product of UE4 is actually game (although I’m not in the play mode yet) therefore it not worked well with Quadro?

Should I replace it with a GTX?
Is there a better way than using UE4 to make scene with simulation and interactive?
Which GPU is better for realtime rendering?

Thank you.

Gaming GPU’s are better for game engines, the advantages for Quadro are more for stuff like CAD and things with high memory requirements. Gaming GPU’s are designed for speed.

That Quadro is basically a GTX ​​760 in terms of performance in UE4. A 5 years old mid range GPU only worth $40.

I’d recommend a 1080 ti for UE4 if money isn’t a concern, and a Titan V if you want to burn money. The GTX 1080ti will be roughly 6x faster than your GPU in terms of gaming performance.

Thank you guys. Does the Quadro K4000 has the same price as GTX 1080Ti? The K4000 is discontinued now, and though I found it is about $1000 on the internet, but on some sites it’s $250, and on amazon it’s $150. My vendor said it’s $250 and can exchange it with a GTX 1060. Which is the right price, and which GTX worth the K4000?

Thank you.

There is no reason to pick a Quadro instead of a gaming GPU unless if you have a big company where money up front is no issue and you need stability 24/7. Quadro is overpriced for what you get. A GTX 1080ti literally is 5-6 timers better than K4000, and a GTX 1060 6GB is about 3-4 times better than the K4000.

In terms of speed K4000 is the equivalent of a GTX 465.