Which GPU company is better for using the Unreal Editor ?

I’d like to know which GPU is best , the Titan X or Fury X for larger complex scenes? I don’t mind not having PhysX , I am just looking for which GPU can take the most in one scene.
I posted in this part of the forum because I’d like to know Directly from the people using the Hardware which is better.

the cards I’m thinking of maybe getting are the following…
R9 390
R9 390x
Fury X
Asus Strix Fury
gtx 980
gtx 980 Ti
Titan X

Titan X is more powerful than the Fury X, the Fury X is supposed to compete with the GTX 980 Ti, and in most cases it delivers the same performance or slightly less.

You can use PhysX no matter what graphics card you have, in UE4 they specifically avoided features that would only work on one type of hardware, so PhysX works the same regardless of what brand of GPU you have.

Epic are GPU agnostic. Even if something works better on one GPU due to proprietary reasons (yes, I’m talking about Nvidia’s PhysX), Epic will only let it run on the CPU, as if you had an AMD GPU.

So just get what you think is the best for you. Getting a Titan X is overkill if you are just developing for 1080P!

EDIT: Darthviper ninja’d me by… one-and-half-hours.

ok , then between an Fury X and a 980 Ti which will allow me to create more complex scenes? I would think that HBM would help to Alleviate some problems when going over 4gbs of Vram in a scene. I’ve looked up videos trying to find which one does best but I haven’t found any Apples to Apples comparisons :confused:
Honestly I’m a AMD fan , but if the 980 Ti smokes the Fury X with the udk Editor then thats what I’m going to get.

I haven’t seen any comparisons using UE4, the benchmarks have the 980 Ti being slightly faster in some games, but in general there’s little performance difference.

How much Vram would a massive forest scene or like a few miles of Grass and stuff take up ? Do either of you think a scene like that would need more than 4Gb of Vram?
I haven’t used the udk Editor in a little while because I can’t do what I want with my current hardware so I’m unsure of how much it would take up.

btw thank you both for responding and helping me out :slight_smile:

The titan x is awesome and really powerful -> had the chance to test it at work :slight_smile:

Do you actually need that much performance? If you want it to work on other people’s machines then it needs to run pretty well on something with 2GB of memory, in which case 4GB is fine for development. If you’re only going to be running it on high-end machines then that would matter more. Using GTAV I’ve run out of memory trying to use the highest graphics settings.