Which game Engine???

Hello i am a brand new game developer i have no experience with code and i do not know where to begin i have been swapping back and front from ue4 and unity but i dont know what to learn. Which engine should i learn and where should i learn. Thanks. Is ue4 a the right place for a beginner or unity?

In my opinion the UE4 is perfect for beginners, because it has a good documentation, userfriendly UI, an awesome community and lots of learning ressources. Beside that there are also blueprints -> so you dont need any coding experience. :slight_smile:

Here are some useful links

When there are any questions, just post them here into the forum or answerhub -> we are always here to help. :wink:

This being said, blueprinting IS programming. It is a great way to learn the logic of programming. Unreal has some funny ways of doing things, but they work pretty well.

Unity 5 - Lightweight, fast, and a couple of options of programming languages. Your games will be very small and capable of running on most devices without allot of backend system stuff taking up space. There is a huge market. Locked in resolutions. Borderless full-screen windows mode (the way of the future).

Unreal 4 - Without fanboying here, Unreal is top notch. You get so much from this package it would be hard to list here. Almost nothing in the industry beats the graphics it can produce. The engines that can are just ungodly to weild. You can easily program an entire game just from blueprints (or create your own!) The entire engine is open source. Truly, actually, free. They succeed when you succeed.

Unity 5 - If you want half the features of Unreal, you will need to shell out for poorly maintained and poorly supported marketplace assets. (Such as visual coding.) Unity staff doesn’t seem to care whether or not you actually produce a game or not, but rather, are happy to take your money up front. They have no incentive to see you succeed. Their current free version forces app monitoring and a splash screen.

Unreal 4 - The engine is still in heavy flux making some documentation out of date. You are forced to use Visual Studio if you want to work with the C++ side. The build sizes for Unreal are quite large (mobile ~50mb and a clean build for PC ~300mb). The Paper2D side is quite weak and missing some important features (such as an animation graph).

Just dive in and make a game already!

*Disclaimer - When I say β€œfree”, I mean no money down. If you make so much, you need to pay royalties of 5% gross.

thanks for the very helpful replies much appreciated!