Which Engine to Use?

I am getting an Oculus Rift DK2 when it ships. When I get it I would like to get into developing a game. I already have an idea for a game, but unfortunately I don’t know which engine I should use.

I have very small experience with programming in C. I also want to make a game that is similar Dear Esther, where you just walk and listen to the story. Unlike Dear Esther, however, I want to add more functions, like grabbing items, running, punching, and having the option to do different things in a situation (Example: If a guy offers you a cup with a liquid in it, you can A. decline the offer, B. drink the liquid, C. grab the cup and throw it at the guy.). Also unlike Dear Esther, I want to make scripted dialogue with NPCs.

Would it be easier to do all of this in Unreal Engine 4 or Unity Pro (or perhaps even UDK)?
Would this even be easy to do at all, given my amount of experience?
Would developing this for the Oculus Rift make development more difficult?

Thanks in advance.

  • hobonoobo

Unreal Engine 4. There is a whole Forum dedicated to it → VR Development.

Thanks for the quick response!

Another question though:
How difficult would developing a game like this be, given my minor experience with programming?

Try UE4 Rift VR template by mitchemmc for quick setup!

That’s more of a question for yourself. How dedicated are you? Making almost any game is a huge undertaking and will take tons of hours. If you feel like you’re ready for something like that, and isn’t afraid of struggling in the beginning as the learning curve is usually quite steep I’d say go for it!
You’ll have to learn tons of different techniques and depending on your roles in the project, possibly tons of different softwares.
When our team started out about 2 years ago we had zero to no knowledge about anything related, I had 2D illustration experience with Photoshop and my programmer had web experience, now we know more than we ever learned in school, just by being dedicated and not letting us be put off by the huge project that is making a game.

So, it’s a question about moral and dedication, if you’re not afraid of working on something that might not see the light of the day for years, go for it.

P.s UE4 is definitely perfect for a project like this.