Which course do you recommend me to learn UE4 ?

Hey there,

quick question: I am using UE4 just for fun since a while now, and i decided now to make my first game and i need now a course.

Which book, video, site etc. do you guys recommend me to learn UE4? i am ready to pay everything if needed for the tutorials.
What i am looking for, is a tutorial started for beginners up to professional, that means: I want to learn the basics (i know the basics almost now cuz i teached it by my self but i am sure there is more what i dont know and can learn so i want to start from the beginning) as beginner, then i want to learn professional lessons and at the end i want to be able to make my first game completly thank and trough the course that i watched / read (i dont care if C++ or Blueprints, i am ready to learn C++ or Blueprints also, and pay for the video lessons / books etc.).

I found alot of tutorials on youtube and i didnt watched them, i just skipped at the end to see what the “teacher” reached at the end and it was nothing rly for me. They all create just a whole Map, they just show how to make grass, buildings etc. but not how to make your own character, and your first ingame “goal” like a quest, or whatever. They make nothing playable and what i need is a whole lesson where i learn also how to make my first “game” and not only a map …

The issue you’re having is attempting to sort out a beginning and a start, which are two different things.
Right now, you should be focusing on tutorials that just stick to one aspect, especially since you’re new. Then you can go to tying everything together and creating more advanced custom characters later on.

World of Level design is a great place to start (

Some Books to Look Into:

You could give my stuff a look, it has “something playable” at the end result…

Series 1 Overview

Series 2 Overview


[USER=“11810”]Jason Wanderer[/USER] thanks i will get one of these video lessons from that link and maybe one of those 3 books.

I am actually looking for ONE “teacher” who not only shows how to make a whole map, but also everything else what is needed (like how to make a character, how to make your own weather effects like rain, or how to make your own particles etc.) for beeing able to make a whole game after a full lesson at the end :).

I am saying this, cuz i want to save money. I dont want to pay like 60$ for a lesson where i learn how to model stuffs REALISTIC or perfect only and then pay again 60$ for another lesson from a whole different guy and learn then more about characters, and then paying again another 60$ for learning how to make particles and and and :D.

I am looking for one package which includes everything. I can’t make a game with UE4 if i only know how to model stuffs realistic you know ? :P.

@iamjohngalt1975 sounds interesting :).

Edit: Can someone explain me why nobody models directly in UE4 ? i was searching in youtube for “unreal engine 4 modelling” and saw that everyone uses maya,blender or 3ds max for UE4 but why ? why is there nobody who starts modelling something like a car or whatever without a 3D software like blender … ?

I will model everything in UE4 for sure !

My advise is simple. Look in the community content section here. You will find a lot of great stuff and lots of users have posted tutorials on their youtube channels so subscribe to those you find useful. Go to twitch and watch unreal development streams. Many streamers including myself are more than willing to answer any questions we can and show you examples live. Speaking of live be sure to check out the unreal live training videos they cover a ton of awesome stuff.

Aside from those options you should also be familiar with Blueprint nodes. Here:
Also community led training. Here: Community Led Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube