Which Class I should Use?

The actor class encapsulate almost any unreal entity that you can place in the world. So in your case, the mechanic, the environment and the machine are all actors. A pawn is a particular actor that can be possessed and controlled either by a player or an AI (something that has a “brain”). In your case, the mechanic which is controlled by the player is the pawn. And finally the character is a particular pawn that, simply put, has built-in humanoid features, like walking, jumping and interacting with the world.

Hope it helps :wink:

Hi friends;
I’m just confusing for the understanding of UE4 terms, For example; I want to make a game like a car mechanic so I must have a workshop environment for it. So is this an actor or something? Another issue I want to place a machine into this workshop environment and player should interact with this machine, and the machine should have complex movements, animations. So my question is which is the actor , which is spawn, which is a character in this case. I mixed all of them :slight_smile:

I got it Thanks.