Which cards' is best for 4.22 and future UE4 - (1) Quadro 8000 RTX or (2) Nvlinked Titan RTX Cards?


If given the choice to build similarly priced computer, which graphic cards’ would be better for current 4.22 and anticipated future releases of UE4:

  1. (1) Quardro 8000 RTX or (2) NVLinked Titan RTX Cards?

(I have read that the RTX Titans are better for UE4 and now that UE4 supports realtime raytracing, I am wondering if it’s
better to get (1) Quadro 8000 RTX card over (2) Titan RTX Cards?

Thanks for any recommendations!

Both are poor choices.

Quadros aren’t intended for real time applications like games, and UE4 does not support SLI. A single RTX 2080 is adequate.

The Titan RTX is 10% faster than the 2080 ti, with an extra GB of vram.

Personally I’d just get a 2080ti and save the money to upgrade to the “3080ti” whenever it comes out. Unless I was at a point where the 10% better performance would save me days of work/time.

Hi ZacD,

Thank you so much for the advice. I use 3ds Max too, and during a Nvidia chat it was suggested for both programs 3ds Max and UE4, that the best option would be - theTitan RTX.
I just thought with the new realtime raytracing, I better check again to be sure before putting a lot of $$$ on credit cards.
Being the wearer of multiple hats in the office, I truly need to be as fast as possible!



Actually wouldn’t the next gen be 2100 series? I figure that it jumped from 1000 to 2000 because of the new architecture to handle raytracing so unless there some other new architecture breakthrough (like all this talk about “foveated rendering”) then we might jump to 3000.

Anyways, I think it’s a safe bet that a 2080ti is going to do everything you need ue4 to do considering that this apparently renders in realtime off of a single 2080ti.
GDC Presentation about that video here:

Hello NotsoAccurateNo1
The thing is I also need the graphic card to work with 3ds Max and photoshop too.
Concerns are that I might run into issues with my other programs noted above with the 2080ti rtx.
I need to be as sure as possible, and Nvidia said that the best option to run both 3ds max and games is the Titan RTX card
I’m happy about the technology and wish that the price was not so much for our small office.

Thanks for the response!

The gaming cards can run 3ds Max/Photoshop just fine, in general the high cost of the Quadro cards aren’t worth the advantages they have over the gaming cards. Using a 2080Ti will be very good though of course if you can afford it getting a Titan RTX is even better.

@greenidogg I would hold any purchase of 2x cards for now, since the engine still does not support it, you might find issues having two cards installed while using UE4. They said it is on the roadmap at GDC 2019, but might happen only next year.

Also, you will need quite a good machine to hold 2x cards. Power supply will need to hold the power drain and also the motherboard has to have two PCIe x16 slots to take full advantage of the graphics card capabilities. The computer case will need to have a great cooling system to not overheat, bringing the performance of the system down because of it, so it must be a large case and preferably under environment air conditioning to at least 25 degrees Celsius maximum. All of these are added to the final price. The size of the card matters, not only for the case but the space it occupies on the motherboard between slots, since there are cards which needs 2 or 3 slots space to be mounted and you need some extra space between cards!

Price wise:

  1. 1 single RTX 2080TI will be enough for any application you need to work with. Unless you work with CAD and also FP64 precision.
  2. be sure to purchase a RTX 2080 TI model from a brand that you will be sure will still be around and are well known, so you can purchase the 2nd later.
  3. 2x RTX 2080TI will be almost equivalent to a RTX 6000 for a fraction of the price
  4. will still need a good case and power supply, but less than with 2x Titans.

Hi Nilsonlima,

Thank you for all recommendations and I do want the cards for 3ds Max with Arnold materials. I start in Revit, then import to 3ds Max and lastly UE4 will be for walk-throughs. I still need more time to learn UE4 and hopefully the (2) Cards will not conflict? This is a really good point that you brought up! Thanks! I will need to review this with the computer company if I find out that I need to unlink the NVlink? This computer has to last a really long time, so I figure that if I go with the Titan RTX I will have more stability with 3ds Max and hopefully longevity in general. I actually put off buying a new computer for the last couple of years awaiting this technology. It would be good to know if anyone has had any issues running UE4 with (2) Nvlinked Titan RTX Cards?


You might need to turn off NVlink before starting up UE4, or it might just ignore the NVlink feature.

While 4.22 was in preview there were several reports saying it was not running with two cards (even without NVLink installed yet), but since the release came out I still didn’t see anyone reporting it. Since the release was yesterday, maybe there were not enough time still for people to report.

Yes it’s best to wait and see over the next month, and I imagine there will be some new compatibility information in regards to 4.22 official release.
At least, it would be grand at best if I don’t have to do anything special to run UE4 with multiple GPU’s till this feature is enabled.