Which branch to pull 4.16 from for testing?

Trying to find and test some of 4.16’s features such as cloth tool. I pulled from the master branch but it came in as 4.15.1, have people had any experience pulling 16 yet?

Master branch is technically 4.16 but I don’t know if they changed the version name of the engine yet. You should be able to find the new features though. Also the cloth tools are probably experimental still so you’ll have to enable them somewhere.

You got the wrong branch somehow, master is already at 4.16.

I use promoted branch and it always is one branch ahead from the latest binary version from launcher. Right now its 4.16.

Master branch is now .17… As soon as the preview is available you will see a 4.16 specific branch… If you can wait for that, it might be the best way to go…


There is a 4.16 specific branch :slight_smile: