which audio format should I choose?

1、I find a blog which says wav file size is bigger than ogg file size, but it doesn’t matter, because unreal will re-compress audio file to make it suitable for every playform. i’m not sure whether or not this blog is right. if unreal don’t recompress wav. game size will be bigger. this is not a good news. (…ing-Audio.aspx)
2、I wonder which audio file format other games choose. Do they use wav files or use other format file. how can we use other audio format, like ogg? Thanks in advance.

05-21-2019 update:
Thanks, I tried to package game to Win platform, audio file did converted to ogg format. Now I know It’s no problem to use wav file.

  1. In this thread @dan.reynolds says that all audio files are compressed dependent on target platform. So there should be difference in final game size, independent of using wav or ogg.
  2. AFAIK most games use wav files in production, because there is absolutely no loss, music is seamlessly loopable and audio file size is not really a concern - especially when you have an enormous amount of high resolution textures.

At the moment, all supported audio files are converted to 16 bit wav upon import and stored as uncompressed versions until cook wherein certain codecs are utilized based on the platform–particularly if that platform provides hardware decoding support.

This is a very informative blog for me. I am very much benefited after reading this blog. Keep sharing.

@**dan.reynolds **are there any plans for increasing audio files spec? I am asking from a content designer perspective as planning to submit sound pack to the marketplace. What spec audio would you recommend using so its future-proof? Cheers.

I would think about your audience. Is your sound pack for sound designers? Then it should be high quality wav files. If your audience is game designers, then they should be ready to drop in the game and optimized for use in UE4.

If you’re selling wav files, then they can be as high quality as you like. If you’re selling uasset soundwave files, then they will have already been converted.

@dan.reynolds Is there a way to *disable *compression during cook?

Not currently. The closest you can get now is to select Seekable Streaming and set your quality to 100, this will make your asset cooked to PCM, which is basically uncompressed.