Which amount of polygon/static mesh are the most efficient when I create foliage grass?

Hi. Sorry for my english. I’m making a new pack for the marketplace, and I created grass texture for the grass but I am in trouble, because I don’t know how to fill big are with grass efficiently. So which is the more efficient? Less static mesh with 4x4m area with 1000+tri, or much more static mesh with 0.5x0.5m area with 30-40 tri? The polycount/area are the same, only the statichmesh/area are the different? So in shortly less complex mesh, or much more simple mesh? Thank you for your answers!

Hi there,
The sample project “The Boy and his kite” is a good reference for you. It comes with a landscape auto material and several foliage meshes. It is worth checking out.

L.F.A Thx. I will check it. It’s 27gb so it will take some time:D

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Hi, glad it helped.

You can also check the minimum and recommended hardware specs and compare to what you’re planning to release.

Good luck.

Well the honest answer is to offer the end user both.

However if the issue is related to performance then other things needs to be taken into consideration. Either case the foliage tool should be used so even small patches of grass could be useful as to inclusion so an assortment of unique patches would be more useful as the end user could then paint the required area.

To consider.

First concept the issue of moving and rendering geometry has been solved a long time ago so poly counts are not as relevant as to what they inherent from other assets and resources.

Shader complexity for example can have a higher performance curve than say raw geometry as to the use of typical transparency lighting solutions. Draw counts go up along with overdraw requirements that leads to complex shader issues. (you can test for complexity issues by using “render shader complexity”) If you see a lot of red or even white your going to have shader issue as to performance inherited by your geometry.

I mentioned this as being more critical as you are making a package to sell and the focus should be on what you can add that makes your asset easy to use, and in turn saves time, so the use of LOD elements that includes materials is must these days.