Which AdMob SDK does UE4 use?

Recently AdMob pushed out an email stating that sdks lower than 9.x will be phased out, and will not support a lot of new ad content and features.

I cannot seem to determine which SDK version UE4 has for AdMob, or how to update it.

UE4 currently includes Google Play Services rev 19 which is version 5.0.89. I have successfully used rev 29 (8.4.87) by replacing the version in Engine/Build/Android/java/javalibs and updating android-support-v4.jar and adding android-support-v7-appcompat.jar to Engine/Build/Android/Java/libs.

It looks like the latest version is rev 31 (9.2) but they have moved to AAR files only for Android Studio (Google Repository instead of Google Play services). It is possible to extract these as zip files and move the classes.jar into libs, then put the extracted directories into javalibs. I’m looking at what I can do about this right now.

As I said before, I think adding Gradle support for UE4 is critical at the moment. Almost all new SDK releases are Gradle-only… ANT is deprecated.

I am looking at Gradle support but it won’t be a simple move; it will likely be for 4.14 timeframe.