Which ad networks are currently available for UE4 games?

Im currently looking to jump into UE4 development. I have 2 games that I would like to import to ue4 and publish them for android and iPhone. These games are free to download but I havent found a ad network with a UE4 plugin or sdk. Can someone point me to a good and reliable ad network or to a tutorial on how to integrate ads on my games?

I would like to start development right away. There is a Comic Conference in May and I would like to release these games in front of 20k+ spectators…

With C++ you could implement them yourself, in case of Android you could do that on java layer which source is in Engine\Build\Android\Java\

As for ad networks, you could search info in iOS/Android development centric site

Thanks for answering so fast.
So this means that I could just implement any ad network using their SDK for android and iPhone, right?

Is their any documentation or tutorial for this “java layer” on UE4?

By “java layer” i mean standard Android SDK code which executes native code of engine and i bet you could place startard android UI things on it (thru im not 100% sure UE4 rendering won’t mess it up). But definitly all C++ solutions should work one way or another.

You can use my plugin for Android & iOS ads: Universal Mobile Ads for iOS & Android - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums
Supported ad formats: Banners, Interstitials, Rewarded videos

there’s a free ads plugin:https://github.com/feixuwu/UnrealEngine4-EZ-Mobile-Ads