Where's the best place to "Tick" an UV animated Sprite to UMG?

Here is the widget:


That “heart/core/flame” needs always loopplay, I got a method to do this with a material and an auto-reset on last frame. Everything was done on a “pass through” function without use any loops or whiles to don’t freeze the application.

My trouble is that on PIE the sprite plays at one speed, on Standalone, another one, what points that use the own Widget Tick event is not being a good idea… Any thoughts about where I could get a more “uniform place” to call the frame swap?

Thank you.

OOPS! Almost forgot. It’s playing a bit “faster” on PIE.

Are you using the passed in delta time to determine play speed? Or just depending on the raw frame speed / number of times the function is run per second.

Not using Delta, simply connected the execution pin to a node that sums up 0.01f to a variable that ah… better give you a shot! lol


newanim.jpg Yahooooollll!!! :smiley:

Yeah that will do it. Nice :slight_smile: