Where's the best place for looking of rtalent?

So does anyone know where honest people who value creativity?

rather than a bot-like method of recruiting is necessary? serious question, i could leave out the details, but who would care beyond the small circle of perpetrators?

Tried Unreal Slackers… their community is greedy
won’tg allow anyone with mor etime for actually helping instead of whining about minor rules, then stresss wouldn’t be so bad, got team attacked by members in Unreal slackers over royalty, and ethics… at least it felt like it, then i made a joke about this:

Do Not Click if under 18 or NSFW:

So what can i appeal slackers ban thru a process i dont have time to figure out now?

Not everyone is a snowflake, your rules are pretty stupid, i need a collab, even though you won’t support a channel personally, and you don’t want to split your mopnopoly iether.

I have a hard time finding anyone interested on working together. I think there is a lot of people who seem very enthusiastic about working on a project then when the actual work part comes up they find out they really don’t want to do it. Like they fell in love with the idea but were not prepared to do the work to bring it to life once they found out it IS actual work lol.

My advice is to find people and create a discord or something that is private where you and similar people can communicate. From there it might get easier. A lot of the bigger communities and discords are just to crowded to ever find what you are looking for and surely rules and other things will get in the way. Best to make your own small community if you can.

Tricky topic… Not convinced gig sites or platforms like Discord / Facebook or the UE4 forums etc, are worth a sht for collaboration… It makes more sense to work hard / save, and then hire skilled devs with Marketplace or Engine-Contributor badges! Some of the biggest issues otherwise are scammers and time wasters / dead ends.

Internet distance just makes things worse. Its been shown that humans who meet face to face and commit to working together, form a much stronger bond than anything agreed over the net. It just doesn’t work as a collaboration model imo - not for game dev! But hey, somebody has probably done a study on this with stats. If so, it’d be interesting to see how true this is - or not… I’ve often wondered how indie teams with games in development for years such as the team behind Angels-Fall-First etc, have managed to keep working together and shipped successful games…

good input. Yeah i mean most people refuse to join a team, and many are younger members, so it’s not a matter of lack of numbers, it’s the way people collaborate there.

Forums can be good at this but many have their own projects, though bartering work, ie. i do graphics for your project while you implement some basic BP for mine, would be a good way i’m interested in.

Not you, yourself, it’s examples like that.

Sometimes face to face teams don’t work well either.
A “bunch of strangers” put together won’t work, there must be a binding somewhere, be it contract/money or personal contact/friendship / mutual respect.

I believe this is part of the reason why there’s so feel females working as game programmers, “green males” feel very uncomfortable working with them around and when it comes to making a decision about who’s in, most vote for that white guy who looks exactly like themselves and seems to “fit company culture well”.
Many public companies are trying to change that, but majority are still the same.

I see often in indie cases when they are successful the core of that team, when money isn’t involved, they are basically a couple or siblings, parents or childhood friends, etc.

Bartering works… For smaller well defined tasks anyway. It has the advantage that you don’t have to fully buy into the other person’s language / time-zone / worldview or game ideas etc. You still have to be patient though, as you may have to wait for them to become available, or your part may end up being more work than theirs etc.

Bartering sometimes works in surprising ways too (pay-it-forward karmic sense)… Sometimes you help others and then one day someone contacts you out of nowhere and offers to help in a very big way (when your back is to the wall). But it is rare. The old UDK forums saw more of it. Whereas the Marketplace and other things killed it off sadly. The other issue is, there are far more General Blueprints devs around looking to barter, than there are say Character modelling / rigging devs around. So its an ‘impedance mismatch’ trying to match up skills. But its still worth trying…

For sure… IRL meetings just increase the odds a little… And who knows, maybe that’s just enough… Or maybe there needs to be a collaboration platform that rewards those whose ‘word is good’ and punishes those who are flaky. IDK… :p… Over your career Bruno, have any substantial collaborations or game projects started out from bartering or dev meetups etc?

I made most my contacts going for years and years to three places until I found a comfortable company I still working for today (and then I quit those days basically):

  1. Unite conferences, every year.
  2. Pax / Brazil Game Show.
  3. “Goto;” conferences.

GDC didn’t work at all when I was desperate for a job;
Internet-based groups never got anywhere…
In fact those actually made lose a lot of money instead.

I love where I work because whatever I do in my free time I am actually allowed to OWN my own work.
This is something I value a lot, am very grateful specially after last employer.

Yeah @ClavosTech

I have just some animations for 1 (or 2 if wanted) project(s) that need BluePrints,and i would take forever, though i am thinking about linking up the Animation Starter Kit myself, PITA but might be necessary, im a 3d modeller and texture/skin artist and am capable of solid and complex level design.

I just never really did BluePrints before. Making a game demo yourself is next to impossible i think, unless wizard? :stuck_out_tongue:

My sister passed away new Xmas and o friends haveomputer skills, mostly IBEW and other forms of construction.