Where's the ape and monkey?

I’ve been looking all through the content browser on ark dev kit v201.6 but can’t seem to find the ape or monkey anywhere inside the lists :confused: anyone know what may be the issue?

Hi caleb68,

The ape is called big foot in the dev kit, monkey is not included in the 201.6 content.

okay so I searched the game content for Big foot, big foot, big, and foot, nothing no ape shows up can you give me a specific path to it? its starting to look like something is messed up with the devkit to me…

Latest update to the dev kit should fix this. Note You have to update your kit manually, its not in the Epic launcher.

Actually, I was having a different problem. Resolved it last night.

I still had the devkit from when we downloaded, linked to github and updated the files from there. I had updated the filles via github and no ape.

Just finished downloading and installing the Devkit Again via the Epic Launcher, and now Everything seems to be in there, including the ape.

They really need to get it sorted out to where we just get everything from one spot (i.e. epic launcher) rather then having hair pulling experiences trying to figure out why the devkit files aren’t updating. If updating via the epic launcher isn’t going to properly update either this is going to be a pain to get it update properly.

Currently you can update purely from the epic launcher. When they have an update ready though, they like to release a quicker way to update your devkit, instead of forcing us to wait for the files to be approved/uploaded to epic.