Where's the additive control rig?

I can’t find the Additive Control Rig in the Sequencer to add to my Skeletal Mesh. Has this been removed? Here’s a screenshot from EPIC’s very own video on the tool in Sequencer.


Any thoughts?

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i would like to know as well, the workflow isn clear.
a class for additive Control rig and can be seen in the animBP, but you cannot create a rig from it or reparent an existing one.

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yea i’m also curious about this, now it seems like if you have a contrl rig track in sequencer, it overrides and doesn’t make the animation track run at all.


Interesting, thats pretty much what i want, have animation in sequencer and then do small twekas to it. Would you mind sharing your control rig? :slight_smile:

From what i could figure out, the control rig Epic provide override all animation on bones, so you cant use it in a sequencer to simply fix some animations, unless you do some kind of blending layers.

I did a custom control rig with leg and hand IK and instead of using Set bone transform node, i used offset transform nodes, and i can now add an animation in the sequencer, and use the rig to manipulate it.

Just chiming in because I noticed this as well. Some time ago in earlier 5.0 versions I was able to add a control rig to the character inside of Sequencer which only contained controls for setting curve values (morph targets in my case) for stuff like blinking and facial expressions. This was extremely useful because I was able to maintain the animation playing in Sequencer while blending in the control rig on top. Now it seems to override the sequencer animation entirely, so either I can use a control rig or play an animation but not both simultaneously.

It seems the only way to achieve an equivalent effect now is to select the “Edit with FK control rig” option which does allow me to keyframe in morph target values, but it also creates keys for every bone/morph value on every frame. Which is fine I guess, since I can bake the changes into an animation when I’m done anyway, but I preferred the previous method as it was a bit cleaner and quicker.

This is the way that I have been doing it in 5.2-3.

  1. First I take the animation asset, add it to the sequencer.

  2. Right-click the skeletal mesh and choose bake to control rig and select my desired control rig.

  3. Now with all the keys baked to my control rig, I click on the plus sign next to the control rig track and select “Additive”

  4. This should have added an additive control rig layer, in which I now can edit my animation.

Hope this helps

Thank you!!