Where's the additive control rig?

I can’t find the Additive Control Rig in the Sequencer to add to my Skeletal Mesh. Has this been removed? Here’s a screenshot from EPIC’s very own video on the tool in Sequencer.


Any thoughts?

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i would like to know as well, the workflow isn clear.
a class for additive Control rig and can be seen in the animBP, but you cannot create a rig from it or reparent an existing one.

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yea i’m also curious about this, now it seems like if you have a contrl rig track in sequencer, it overrides and doesn’t make the animation track run at all.


Interesting, thats pretty much what i want, have animation in sequencer and then do small twekas to it. Would you mind sharing your control rig? :slight_smile:

From what i could figure out, the control rig Epic provide override all animation on bones, so you cant use it in a sequencer to simply fix some animations, unless you do some kind of blending layers.

I did a custom control rig with leg and hand IK and instead of using Set bone transform node, i used offset transform nodes, and i can now add an animation in the sequencer, and use the rig to manipulate it.