Where's my Hobo Recall mod

It basically a re-skin mod. That has not been made into the game yet Or i have not found it.

If anyone is willing to make this happens.

I want to recall hobo but I’m not skilled at programing or 3d modeling. All the robots are re skinned into human hobo. And the Crawlers and Drones are Stray cats and Pigeons strapped with fireworks.

Basically the mod changes robots into hobos.

The boss is kind of a Shopping Cart Firework Hovering Mecha hobo runs on propane. And Roman Candles.

Hello again Ra Drumba… for making all the skinning and the 3d models of cats , pigeons…etc…you need to pay a lot of money to have a quality which compete or arrive at the level of Robo Recall.
for An Idea about cost you can compare with the UE free release of the Paragon assets :
19 AAA-quality Hero characters valued at over $5 million in development investment.
If …I don’t know …we are taking 1/10 of that value…
it will be 500 thousand $…for the news characters.

hobo recall might be better with lower quality assets. few hundred bucks on turbosquid, a little bit of retargeting and you’re golden.