Where would I start with a Candy Crush Game?

Hi All

Where would you start if you were going to make a candy crush game?


In all honesty the first thing I would is play Candy Crush … And understand why and how it works (from a gameplay point of view).

After originalbadboys suggestion, building the grid that you will spawn your tokens on is probably the next step. You can’t really do much if you don’t have a playing field to work with in games like this.

Hey Adam

Is there a guide in regards to this grid?


I did a basic grid for a minesweeper : i used it with some changes to do :

Should be fairly simple to do with some procedural generation. Personally I would put everything into an array and get it to check objects in appropriate locations to see if they match colour and then if they do destroy them.

Is there UE4 Documents around for puzzle games or tutorials / getting started.

I did a search for puzzle, and the first result was - Unreal Engine | How to Possess Pawns in Blueprint. so not luck there.

Any help would be great.


There is a whole series of videos on how to make a Tetris style game in UE4 … I have not checked it out myself, but I would imagine you would find something of use from it: