Where would I look for coders/scripters

First of all, I’m pretty sure this is the wrong place to post about this but I didn’t see an option that I felt would yield better results. So, so sorry in advance

I have several games that use very simple mechanics and I’m pretty sure require very, very minimal coding but are beyond my capacity in terms of time and current knowledge (which kind of equates to the same thing). All I need is a person or a few people with the time and know-how to implement a few of the mechanics I can’t seem to pin down, and then I will very quickly have a few sale-ready games. I have art, music, storyboarding, concept development, testing… Pretty much everything else down in my the already.

I’d like to talk with a few people who are interested about what I need in more detail. I’d rather keep most of what I’m doing confidential until I know who I’m working with because they are extremely simple and effective concepts for creating compelling/unpredictable gameplay that could probably be easily reproduced. I have many such ideas, and it is a lifelong dream of mine to make games, so please get in touch or point me to where I should ask this.


thanks friend