Where To Store Inventory?

Hi there! I am currently working for a inventory but I am not actually shure where to store it. I must mention that I will have more than just 1 pawn that can be possessed, and I want to have access to the same inventory even if I change the pawn. So? Where I should store it?

If you want ot have inventory attached to player then in PlayerController if inventory attached to Actor then in that Actor or Pawn if you want inventory be persistent in entire game use GameInstance (PlayerController resets on level change, but note in this case it should not be object references as they probably get destroyed with level). Generally you can place it anywhere, but you should place it in class that represent possessor of that inventory, if that thing dies or get removed inventory data will go with it, note that all actors dies toghther with world instance so any level change will kill inventory data stored in any actor.