Where to start???

Hi, I’ve played around with UE4 before but never got really far. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on where I should begin the learning process, what helped you the most when learning to code? I am almost an absolute beginner when it comes to coding Lol. I know school is always a good place to start, but I am pursuing another degree and wanting to do game development as a hobby! ALL HELP IS WELCOME

For the Udemy course, wait for one of their frequent sales of 80% or more.

Two common approaches are:

  1. Watch a load of YouTube tutorials.
  2. Deconstruct existing projects etc…

You’ll learn twice as fast and build a prototype in half the time with ‘2’ in my view.
Its rare that YT tutorials are taught and structured well enough that they’re better.

sometimes appetite comes with eating and you will come across many new ideas/possibitilies simply by watching tutorials.
if you find yourself being inspired by new technology, chances are high that others are doing the same thing.
unreal is just an engine that drives your ideas. so i am a fan of having an idea before learning anything.
if your game idea has no characters in it, why would you learn character animation at all?
why would you want to learn about boxtriggers if you simply do not need them?

in the end, whatever you will come up with will take a lot of your time. not only learning about unreal, but other programs as well.

so good luck!

Thanks everyone