Where to start?

Hello forum.

I’m very much new to the unreal engine and coding in general. I’m not sure where to start or what to study. Would anyone have any recommendations on what I should do?

well just jump right in! that’s the first thing i’d suggest

good place to start is by doing - follow some simple tutorials & start simple then work your way up
here is a link to a good starting point - even covers someone coming from Unity so they can adapt easier:

best to actually do the projects as you follow the tutorials - more or less get your feet wet. don’t be scared to just jump right in there.
making mistakes is how we learn, just if you like what you created - Save ! lol

later just find a quiet place & sit and think of something you would like to try to do in Unreal, something simple at first, then just go for it. learn
enjoy yourself & good luck :wink: