Where to start?

Hey guys,
I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine and was just wondering if i could get some advice on the best place to start?
I really like designing levels and ive done some basic stuff in Unity. I’ve followed the main Unreal Engine tutorials on YouTube but was wondering what you guys think is a good place to start.
Should i just experiment?


If you like designing levels look for some team to join, and for that best would be this subforum:

Just find team that is already doing some levels else you may wait forever for some assets or even idea about artstyle.

Or you could go to unreal tournament forums, and do levels for new ut.

Just start from a small project, even if it doesn’t pay you much. Once you start you will have some problems, feel free to ask your questions here, there are plenty of knowledgeable and helpful people here on this forum :slight_smile: All the best

Don’t just watch the tutorials, do them, it’s the best ways to understand Blueprint and the overall workflow, I’d start there.

I’m not sure if ive got the experience for doing jobs with other people. I’m still in the learning phase. as you said it does take “forever” for assets.
Do you still think i should give it a go and work with a team thats making some levels?

You could always get free infinity blade assets and make some levels.

Yeah that sounds like a good idea! not sure why i didnt think of that haha

Have you considered starting with ArchViz, then mixing up themes for something unique?

Well your not gonna do much if you not familiar with how to use the UE4 cause I understand Unity is much different from this.


2 Just start learning how to use the UE4 cause it may not be your thing. Many come and go mainly go.

Best place I know is this.
Many just single out areas and make assets, music, ect

watch the whole thing a couple times then see wat strikes. or just get in. To theorize in contemplation is ti just make excuses trust me I am a master.

It sux relearning and relearning but that is what we do we relearn where we figed up. Mistake makes headstrong. Start by making asset. like rocks etc.

Trust me over time if u make yourself a planner in assets you will kiked 2 or 3 birds at one time. One u have original assets you can redo these asset will be your trophies. Yea they look familiar in beginning over time they will open up.

You will do like most of us do. We come here asking questions and not the leg work to see. I am guilty. Trust me. I dnt want to do this at times. But their are time I blow my own mind.
( I am a Legend in my own MIND). Many suffer from this until we face the fear of “what is I mess up”. Dude that is the key to learning. Make mistakes,redo. In guitar training you repeat scales till ur fingers bleed. My suggestion is to go to dl them get gimp with Insanebumbs and you have the best. The freebies are as good as the 3k ones. trust me

watch the tutorials first.the most important part is you need write the code. and then start a small project

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I highly advice you to learn the very basics like moving the camera, keyboard shotcuts like [End], Tools and ways to design you level, material and lastly you should try to learn how blueprints work.

I highly advice this playlist :
I’m just a random person that spends his time to help others. You can support me by watching this and show your gratitude thanks a lot:

If you want to learn how to use the UE4 Landscape stuff, my suggestion is to watch Bob Ross for creative ideas. Try to do something like he does and you’ll get pretty good at it after an episode or two.

trust me it works lol