Where to start

Hi Guys,

Just started playing with UE4 yesterday and am very impressed with what I see so far.

I am an advanced GMS user and very decent with C++ and DirectX technologies. But being completely new to UE4 am not sure where to even start. Even the in-built tutorials are losing me pretty quickly.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to tame the huge beast that is UE4?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Salutations Lonewolff,

Considering you haven’t been a fan of the tutorials maybe you would prefer the structured learning of a Udemy course.

It appears you are a fan of C++, in that case you may want to check out Unreal Engine 4 Course (Create Multiplayer Games with C++) | Udemy
At your level you’ll probably want to skip the first section, bulls and cows, and start with the Escape Room section.
There is even a promotion going on right now to drop the price to $19 USD.

Nice! Thanks for the link @Valkrysa.

I have been chipping away at the tutorials and they actually are pretty good. Slowly getting used to things. Currently playing with basic ‘blueprints’ and it seems to make sense. Although not at the point where I have attempted to make anything interactive yet.

One thing that concerns me is that the general consensus around the forums is that UE4 is better suited to teams, where you have individual members would have their specialised fields, due to the vastness of UE4.

I am a solo dev/hobbyist. Am I biting off more than I can chew given the so many facets of the engine?

Thanks ag

Depends on your actual goals / depends on the game you’re planning.

So what’s your overall goal:

  1. Get the T-shirt that says I made a game, shipped it & it sold ok…
  2. Learn game dev slowly as a hobbie interest & see what happens…
  3. Make a game or prototype to help find future work in the industry…
  4. Other…

I think UDK was actually easier for an Indie / solo dev to work with.
Maybe because it was more evolved, lots of docs / free assets / tools.
The community seemed more alive, more willing to help donate time.

With UE4 there’s ever more devs competing in an ever shrinking pond imo.
The quality expected is now higher than UDK and so the standard is up too…
i.e. Multiplayer FPS seems harder in UE4 + Steam plumbing isn’t any easier!

#2 - I am in no rush. I have been coding since 1987.

I have absolutely no interest in getting a job in the ‘industry’. I couldn’t think of anything worse than coding for a company.

Coding on my own though, that is a totally different story. I love to try new things and always expand my knowledge.

Sounds like the best answer… Now you just need to find ways to enjoy what is quite a long process.
That way, you’ll progress faster and it’ll be the key motivator that stops you getting bored / giving up.

Got a killer game idea yet? It doesn’t have to be a market killer its just has to mean something to you…

Over time as you get good in areas, you can barter skills with others that have their own specialty.
Cutting down on the workload but getting higher results without the often lamented politics of teamwork.

@franktech - Thanks man. And yes, in-fact I do have that ‘killer game’ in progress.