Where to start...


I bet that I am not the first one with this kind of question :slight_smile:

Where to start… As my parents bought the 1st PC (I was 8 probably) I started playing a lot of games, I had some attempts to start coding in Pascal, but I was just a little boy and I stopped it. Do I regret this? I am not sure. I am sure tough that now I want to be connected with the game industry. I’ve finished univeristy (management and production engineering), I’ve worked for 3 years after graduation. I always had the feeling that I have to create something, back in junior school I was making movies and I’ve won some prizes. After that came the “reality” - go to university, get a job, forget about games and computers… the longer I work like that the bigger need of change I feel.

Generally I would like to make games (like thousands of us), I’m 27 and here is the question. Isn’t that too late? I know that nowadays ‘follow your dream, make your dream come true’ is popular, but to be honest- it’s ********, think about a kid without legs, that dreams to be a runner- will it happen if he will want it really, really hard? :slight_smile:

Where should I start? Learning coding, drawing, animating will take some time. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on becoming a producer? On the other hand, if I learn c++ (i started with and even if I fail with entering game industry, I may find some other job that requires knowledge of c++. Even not expirienced coders have higher sallaries than I have now, with 2 year exp.
Coding seems fun so far, but is it required to be a 3d animator? To draw models etc.? Do I have to be versatile? To know how to work in 3d environment, how to code, how to animate? In a long term, sitting in front of screen full of code lines, seems not so tempting. My imagination of making games is that I work with graphic, I create landscapes, models of creatures, buildings etc. but then again- i am not an artist, I made movies, but last time I draw something was 15 years ago :). I would like to be responsible for the story of the game, not just some AI.

It’s chaotic, so I will try to sum it up:

Do I have to know coding (like c++) to make games? To work with game makers, to have an impact on the story and graphic of the game? If yes, than i’ll continue with, if not- where should I start? What are my best options to work within the game industry? Some kind of producer assistant?

Do a google search for “becoming a game producer” There are a number of good articles by game producers talking about how they got into the biz and what you need to become one.

Depends on how much money you got. If you’re minted then you can hire people to do a lot of the things you mention above. If not then you need to be a bit more creative and driven. Assemble a dedicated team who’ll work for free or prepare for many years of learning and late nights as a solo indie. I am a solo indie and it is tough, very…very tough. But if you love making games, that passion will carry you far.