Where to start


I’m very new to the unreal engine and game development in general but I’m also very interested in it.
Now I do have some decent “general” computer knowledge as a DBA but I’m not that familiar with C++ yet.

I was looking for a good way to start learning this engine and what it can do.
I checked the website for some basic tutorials and completed several of them but I still feel like I’m missing out on big parts of the tool.

Is there like a good course/book or anything else available that would get you started and that touches most aspects of the engine?
Any other recommendations on how to start learning unreal are welcome aswell.


Welcome to UE4!!! :slight_smile:

For blueprints I would like to recommend Kiatus books. ://www.kitatus.co.uk/
Some of the best Blueprint tuts out there!

I would also say to go threw all the vids possible to learn as much as possible.

And for a first project, start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. (Like I did.)

Good luck!

The best place is the official unreal engine youtube channel -> there you can find many good tutorial series that will help you.
Beside that I would recommend you to set a goal (e.g a small game that you want to create) -> just try to reach that goal with the help of the forum, documentation, youtube, wiki,… That’s the easiest and fastest way to learn how the engine works :slight_smile:

OK thanks a lot :slight_smile: that Kitakus blueprint guide seems like a good way to start :slight_smile: I’ll check out the YT channel aswell :).