Where to start

I am pretty new to this I am checking out the unreal 4 youtube videos on the unreal channel but i don’t know where to start. Where would everyone recommend I start at?

What do you want to do?

here then you can wonder off but get the basics

I would like to learn as much as I can i have had a idea for a FPS for some time now and I want to bring it to life. I have been to the tutorials on youtube is there a place where I should start at because there is so many video I don’t know where to start.

The most important question is, if you want to work in the game dev. industry or if you just do it as a hobby/or you just want to create your own game.

Industry → concentrate onto 1-2 sections (e.g just 3d artist, level designer,…)
Hobby → start with learning a 3d program, because you will need many models when you want to create your own game :wink:

Hmm i am making a first person shooter game but i ran though all the tutorial before i started, and now i just watch the new ones and hunt for ones specific to what i need done. Right now looking around for tessellation and advance material tutorials.

I started with materials and blueprint then moved to level design. but you can start at level design then move to materials then blue print, and then the others.

I want to thank all you guys for your help! I think i’m going to take the same way wizzkidsan did and see how it goes!

Cool my way just get you to know the engine then you still have to pick a part you want to do, i want to be a level designer/ blueprint scripter. if you have programming skill or 3d art skills you might want to focus on coding tutorials or material tutorials.

If I may put in my two cents, I would also suggest you break apart some of the pre-made stuff from the Market place and try and understand how they are doing something then jump write into a very small part of your game while it is still fresh. Good Luck!

Best place to start and finish: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation
At least it should be.

That is true, we alll learn differently so this way might be better for you :P, those example project keep lagging for me so i had to dive into my own stuff after i watch the video, and it wasn’t to hard in the 3 weeks i working in the unreal engine 4 i got a full level setup and ready for my game, just doing minor lighting tweaks and materials edits as i’m a perfectionist :stuck_out_tongue: and that probably why it took me 3 week to get my level to 80% not for final lighting work and some particle effects. I allready have some gameplay in which i can’t wait to post up on my progress post, but tweaking out some the little errors.

Just do and learn by trial and error, online tuts and the developer wiki! I’m having a ball crashing the engine on a regular basis :smiley:

Thanks for your help everyone! I think I’m going to do level design and blueprint scripting, I’m slowly making my way through the docs and the youtube videos. I just hope it all works out and I learn alot!