Where to start

Hello I am new to unreal engine 4. I would love if any one could give me tips on my current idea.
My idea is this tower defense game but not just build on the side. I want to build units and send them “Not to control them just send”
Also building can get destroyed because you build them on the path.
“Almost like the Strategy demo game”

What I am basically asking is how or where could I learn the following

“Main Menu Creating”
-Start game/New Game
-Load game

-Top down look
-Click on a tile to blah blah
-Selecting a building/cube and a Hud pops up where you can train units
-spawning units

“Enemy ai”
-Enemy sends units "I know I can spawn them but I would like it to be random so it build when it cans-
-Build a building same like sending units
I was thinking of every time the enemy receives resource it gets slipt in half like 50 goes to unit building 50 goes to building

"making levels and achievements "
–Check if the game has been won and if won it saves and pops up a menu where you can click continue witch loads another map up

Also can this all be done in blue prints?

Note this game is for PC maybe phone if it turns out ok but this is like my starter project
any help does help :slight_smile:

Hm where to start…

You could start watching all Tutorials regarding your questions on youtube. For the Menu i would recommend you to search for “UMG” Tutorials. Load and Start a Game can also be found on Youtube. But you will need to change it the way you want to use it. No one will give you a complete tutorial on how to create your specific game.

For the top down controlls you could check the Tower Defense Game of Epic Games under “Learn” at the bottom of the page in the Launcher. But the Menu here is made in Code, so better only check the camera and maybe buildings. It could be that some of the logic is also made in C++ because this project uses both in combination.

For the AI check Youtube tutorials and/or the Tower Defense Game. Same goes for the Buildings.

For Achievements i guess you can check the “Tappy Chicken” Game on the MarketPlace. It’s free and made in Blueprints. It also has a Menu if i’m correct and uses achievements. But i could be wrong on this one.

And yes, it can all be done in Blueprints, but i will recommend you to learn c++ too, because there are some situations where the premade Blueprints can’t solve your problems and needs.