Where to start?

Hello guys,

I know there is probably every 2 days some noobie asking the same things, but after reading a lot of topics I didn’t find something to guide me in this.
The problem I’ve been facing is that I don’t really know where to start. I’m almost done with the tutorials on the official site. But I feel that i should check blender too.Besides that I should dabble with C++ And that is an whole other chapter to learn etc. Now , my experience is practically zero but everytime i think i find somewhere to start, it seems there is something else I should check first. So for the past week, it seems I’ve been going in circles. So , what I’m asking is where would you suggest one to start? Messing with the engine and the free samples one can find from the net? Or I don’t know keep learning in the same time Blender and UE4 along with other softwares. There is a lot to learn, and Im eager to learn them, it’s just…it’s overwhelming.

Welcome in the community!! :smiley:

I personally would start with the engine/blueprints + with a 3d program, because you will just need C++ for complex stuff (so in the future) + for meshes you need to know how to use the material editor, for level design you need own meshes,…-> it is a really big task, but it’s doable :slight_smile:

As franktech already suggested, start creating your own game, because then you have a goal + you will learn everything that you need.

All above are good ideas … what I would do is the following:

  1. Choose a template (like FPS, Third Person, Top Down, etc.) that interests you.
  2. Decide what features you would like to add.
  3. Add those features and learn int he process.

Basically what I did was go through the networking tutorials from Epic … I then took those tutorials and used the Top Down template to start working on a small little game for myself. As I progressed I realized there were new features that I wanted to add … so I went off in search of help for those specific items and then added them.

I have pretty much done this for FPS, Third Person, and Top Down template … I found this to be the most beneficial and I ended up understanding more because I was working on features that I wanted to add and not just following a tutorial that focuses on the tutorial.

I hope this makes sense.

Good luck and shout if you ever need assistance, the community here is Epic. 8-}

Hey guys, thanks for the replies. It seems that I have a lot of work to do , which makes me happy but also makes me nervous. The game I would like to make would be more like Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Dear Esther, with a focus on the environment , story and characters. There is a storyteller in me, and i think i found my medium of telling those stories. So, let’s say I decide to make something on an already existing IP. For example something from Wizard of the Coasts and their rich lore on the DnD, or maybe something from 40k and GW(god i fear them). As long as I don’t sell any of the products , is it ok to share and work on their IP? Basically my whole idea is of making something I would like to play and experience and it seems that the respective companies stubbornly refuse to make. So , yeah. Also, something else, when I check in the launcher the marketplace it seems it doesnt have that much stuff as I would expect. Am I missing something or it needs time to get filled with things to download? Thanks again guys.

Aside from the unbeatable price on the product, the community was the thing that made me buy UE4. Been stalking for days the forums before I decided to buy it :slight_smile:

As the engine + marketplace is still pretty “young”, there is not so many stuff on the marketplace -> but more and more stuff will be added :slight_smile: -> meanwhile also take a look at this section of the forum: https://forums.unrealengine/forumdisplay.php?12-Community-Content-Tools-and-Tutorials

The UE community is awesome! You can always ask questions + you get a really fast reply :smiley: