Where to start with multiple floor levels?

Hi everyone,

I’m playing with UE4 and making a tycoon simulation style game, I want to be able to change/hide floors in buildings while still simulating the NPC’s and other data.

I have it setup that I can be on a “floor” in the data but how would I go about hiding everything visual thats not on my current floor?

Basically the same as how the sims games handle floor changes.

This does it and is free, you could dismantle it and see how it works:

Everywhere I look, it always seems to be done in C++. I don’t know if it’s possible in BP.

Thanks I’ll look in to that. Hopefully it can be done in BP.

You are probably looking for something that keeps the AI working, that may be why only via cpp.

Theoretically you can always assign all actors on a floor to a “floor” gameplay tag, and just toggle visible in game for them.
The problem becomes that the duration of the loop in BP will cause a hiccup.

Not really sure if there’s a way around that. Get all actors or any loop based structure is thread blocking until the execution is over.

Thus, the solution is to CPP and use multi threading.

Thankfully some peeps still keep the old wiki online. Surely not epic, because asking them to care about the community is too much you know?
They definitely don’t have the resources to keep another website online or anything…

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