Where to start if i come from Unity?

Ive been deving with Unity for close to 10 years now, i tried to convert to Unreal last year but it qas alot to take in, i tried to just find tutorials for what i needed for what i wanted to make, but this didnt work out for me due to naming conventions and not becoming familiar with the Engine and how it works.

I am familiar with blueprints, ive used similar things in Unity, the only difference i can see will be naming conventions.

So im not really sure where to begin, id like to convert over fully, but my mind is still in the ‘Unity format’ state.
Any help will be much appriciated.

i’d just work on a project and if you feel like you dont know what class to use there is several epic sample projects you could reference, like Lyra or any of the older ones.

there is a couple “for unity users” that provides very general overview in the learning portal area.

I wouldn’t worry too much over doing things perfect… the editor is pretty flexible. I mean, you can understand like 1% of it and that is enough to make entire games.

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Hi Baz,

Welcome to Unreal,

Check out this doc for a good comparison of naming conventions.

Also the 4 tutorials listed on the Getting Started page are a good place to start building a foundation for the rest of your knowledge.


Your best bet is to start making some games or projects. The page is a good start - Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation

But your best of just making some stuff. I would recommend starting with blueprint-based projects before jumping into c++ however that would depend on how comfortable you are with programming.

The Unreal portal has some good courses to introduce key features and processes and there are also video’s explaining how the engine works and the various process etc.

Thanks for all the responses, it has helped me out alot.
I do have a question and i am unable to find a thread on it.
Is ot possible to have the play mode on a seperate window?

yes there is a dropdown menu next to the play button where you can choose different play modes. One is to do it in a new window.