Where to start from?

Hello guys, I’m getting started into game development and I’d like know where to start from. I know basics of C and Java (for OOP). So my question is if I can just go straight into UE and learn with the turorials and documentions or if it’s better I get more knowledge about C++. Some tips are very welcome too.


Hey Kyrax80. I found it veryuseful to learn some C++. I work almost exclusively in BP, but knowing C++ helps understand the concepts better.

There have been some fairly significant changes in how Unreal compiles in recent versions, so following C++ tutorials from earlier than about 4.14 (I think) can be tricky. I found the Twin Stick tutorial very helpful as a starter, it’s available through the Learn/Video Tutorials link on the Unreal Engine site.

Okay thanks, I’ll learn some C++ before getting into it. Any more reccomendations, like which documentation to follow better, videotutorials, etc?