Where to start a simple one screen game with animations

EDIT: I have tried to change the title from ‘…masimple to…’, ‘…a simple…’ a few times but it doesn’t see to change.

I’m not even sure what this category of games is called. Basically have a menu then the main game screen will be one screen, just a jpg but have animations on top of the jpg. It will have clickable areas on the screen depending on how the game progresses etc.

So what would you call this type of game, I mean it’s 2D(obviously not a scroller) but just a 2D strategy game I guess?

Second can you create such a game in UE4 and how about the animations, would they likely be done in UE itself on another software package?

I have changed the title for you so hopefully you will get better and more meaningful responses. To be honest this is not my forte, but I can offer some answers… To answer your second question, yes you can create this type of game in UE4. As for the animations, you can animate things to move like chess or checker pieces inside the editor itself, but if you want character animation you will need to create flipbook animations (2D) or skeletal mesh animations (3D) in a program outside the editor.