Where to set exposed Level Blue Print variables ?


I’m a bit confused about how to set a Level Blue Print variable that has its ‘Editable’ property set to true.

It does not appear in the World Settings tab as one would expect it I guess.

To give a bit more details about the context: In some of my materials I need to take into account the ‘Sun’ direction (in a spatial environment) so I’m trying to centralize this computation into the Level Blue Print and then use a Material Parameters Collection in which I have a ‘Sun Direction’ parameter used by the Materials. No issue here.

In my Level Blue Print, I have a Directional Light parameter, I extract the orientation/x direction (as in the BP_Sky_Sphere) then set the ‘Sun Direction’ parameter of my MPC. The last step is to actually ‘connect’ the directional light from the scene to this Directional Light parameter I have in my Level Blue Print. And this is where I’m stuck.

I was expecting that parameter to appear in the World Settings tab but it does not. And I can’t set the variable ‘Default Value’ with a light as the option is disabled.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong or there is a better way of doing what I’m trying to do ?