Where to put the creation of the second player controller in a local multiplayer game ?

In my 2 local multiplayer game I have 2 player controller, the first is created and linked to his player start and pawn when I hit play but I have to use the function CreatePlayer in my customGamemode::BeginPlay.

This works fine but as soon as I want to get the reference to the both player controller in blueprint or other script I am told something like this

which is referring to this blueprint script

So is there a way to create the second player controller at the same time as the first ?
Or is there a specific place to put the creation of the second player controller ?


Simplest solution for ‘Local Multiplayer’ is to use Gamemode for creating both players.
So disable ‘Default Pawn Class’ in Maps & Modes etc before spawning in Gamemode.
After that its trivial, just tie ‘Create Player’ node-calls to Spawn-Pawn / Possess nodes.
You don’t even need Player-Controller much after that unless you need ‘special’ inputs…