Where to put main game logic

Ive googled this but havent found a clear answer. Im making a poker game and am ready to start making the main poker logic. Basically a while loop for the game and
a while loop in it for the hands. Where is the best play to put this code?

Either in a Deck Manager, the Game State or the Game Mode. It depends on if it is multiplayer and how multiplayer is setup.

If you don’t want to care about this, I suggest you to create a Deck Manager spawned and referenced by your Game State.

Hi, thank you for the reply. Currently i am doing the single player game first and when that is done ill do the multiplayer as im learning while im making the game, dont know anything about multiplayer functionality yet. Ill look into deck manager.

You should go for the GameState then :slight_smile:

‘DeckManager’ doesn’t exist. I was referring to the common practice of spawning a hidden actor to handle everything about a particular topic, hence the ‘deck manager’.