Where to promote my demo?

hello guyz.
it is adventure horror puzzle exploration game…so … where can I promote my demo or even the full game?
I don’t know where in the forums of unreal to promote or outside this forum!
I have no clue… I very closed person and afraid to ask! sorry♥

I would recommend:

  • a website or devlog you can keep updated somewhat regularly. this is to show progress and that you are actually working on something; there is payoff at the end
  • get a vimeo/youtube/etc channel and promote your game there, you can show play-segments, make tutorials, etc
  • steam and the epic store are going to be my main 2 marketplaces, i would recommend those
  • I got a twitter account for my game as well
  • I H.A.T.E. Facebook so I am not going to post there, but that is another big-storefront for exposure

I too am, well not closed, but not super social. More that if I need something I tend to get it myself, build it myself, etc; I don’t have a need to seek out a lot of ppl, so I get it.

I’m making myself a checklist/to-do to keep me on track. Make sure I update the social-media channels, make sure I get a screenshot(s)/video’s/devlog updated each week (at least). I think you might benefit from the same, not so much that we don’t know HOW to socialize (lol), we just don’t; hence I need a bit of paper to keep me grounded.

Hope this helps.

I might be wrong , but there might be some preperation required, I’ve venture on a journey to learn wix website engine so i can form the front page for my company but that might be inessential if you have you business structure cleared out elsewhere. Blog post or a documents that contains your arc structure may be sufficient on any available platform. As long as you structure is clear to external observer and you have vvisualizedyou target range clearly… That’s what i think