Where to learn VFX

There are 0 to none tutorials on creating vfx but there are a lot of people showcasing their work so I guess that they got their knowledge not like in the dream like Mendeleev

I have seen some of the Dean Ashford’s tutorials, as well as unreal cg’s and the dude’s that makes a particle a day

But they don’t really give any useful or in depth knowledge, they are mostly copy paste of each other in my opinion

I am looking for a complete from 0 to advanced VFX tutorial. Currently the VFX part of the engine is useless for many as documentation is lacking, no courses and no tutorials. Only choosen ones know how it all works

Because they practice, practice and practice.

What they practice, where, how do they know the architecture behind. Is that done in Houdini? Or Photoshop? Or some 3d package? Where, what, how. Besides, I have seen some VFX in 2014 as well, just when ue came out. There needs be a proper documentation, I guess only epic staff knows how the VFX works here. Like really, we need documentation, no here is a psyhicp

I have seen a few videos from Dean Ashford and others. And they practically show everything: the Photoshop files, materials, cascade, … So, what exactly are the problems?

Two important notes: some people had access to it long before that. And, there was UDK.

I would suggest look at VFX tutorials on You Tube first in packages such as Digital Fusion, Nuke and After Effects.
Then when you understand those hop over to UE4 because its pretty much the same deal.
Digital Fusion you can use for free, Nuke has a trial version and After Effects you have to buy.
The trick is not to understand VFX in Unreal but to understand VFX in VFX packages.