Where to grab UE4 4.11.2 Source Engine?

I currently have a project made in 4.11.2, and was wondering where to grab the source engine for that specific version. I was able to find https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/tree/4.11 for the 4.11 version.
Unless I am missing something, would just the base 4.11 from git work with my 4.11.2 project?

Hi Bob360,

That link you mentioned would work, since that is for the staging branch for 4.11. 4.11.2 was the last release for version 4.11, so using the 4.11 staging branch should work fine. A possibly better option, though, would be to use the 4.11.2-release tag, as that is the code specifically for the 4.11.2 release version.

Ok thanks!