Where to get UE4 blue logo artwork?

Hi Epic,

I am looking for official files of the ‘blue coin’ Unreal logo!
Have seen and read the Branding Guidelines page and downloaded a logo pack from there but they are all in black and white.

Is the B/W now the official one? Has the blue one been discontinued?


Hi there,

You can download the logo images and video from here:

Be sure to read through and follow the the Trademark Licence Agreement before you use any of the assets, but as long as you comply with the terms you are able to use them in your projects and videos.


Thanks a lot!
Yes that’s the page I found. They must have stopped using the blue logo then because those are all Black and White.


Oh, I see what you mean now… hmmm they must have changed it sometime recently, there used to be the blue ones in the download.

@Epic is this the new standard now? Can we still use the blue logo if we downloaded it previously?

Yep, the new standard is the minimalist black and white logo. The blue mesh that is in a few projects is going to stay in them. If you have any questions about the legal usage of the old logo, you will probably want to ask on the answerhub’s Legal section to get clarification.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!

Thanks for the clarification.

Cheers, Fred