Where to Get Started with Unreal Engine 4.10?

Hello, I have been modelling in Blender for a month or so just so I can create meshes for my UE4 game. I have been using Unreal Engine for 3 months or so and I couldn’t really find any tutorials on how to make a game using blueprints. I have made so far a rotating door and I have a little knowledge of blueprints. I have read the documentation and done a few tutorials that are in the engine. What would you suggest I do from here? Has anyone got any books or youtube tutorials (free or paid) that I can take a look at? I would also like to find out how to make a curtain in Blender. I) have looked at some youtube tutorials but most are fairly outdated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hi and welcome…

I would suggest that you run through the massive tutorial list on the UNREAL YouTube channel here: null - YouTube – this is a great start to get you into Blueprints. Also, do spend some time in the documentation which can be reached under LEARN in the menu above. Its quite good.

Also, do a YOUTUBE search for UNREAL blueprint tutorials, there is a ton. For the most part, blueprint tutorials should be OK from older versions, but do try to stay recent… like 4.8 and higher. Finally, books are OK, but get out dated quickly.

Hope this helps…


Thanks for the answer teak421 but most of those blueprint tutorials don’t show you how to make a game. They just show you fun things you can do with blueprints.

I got one for you: null - YouTube
and null - YouTube

Both are in progress… but… it should help a ton. First is a 1st / 3rd person and the other is a tower defense game. Also, if you have the cash, check out the BP’s on marketplace, great tool for learning…

One more… UE4 Blueprint Tutorial 00 - Melee Combat Arena - YouTube

You sir, are absolutely awesome, thank you so much. Now I just need to find out how to use this APEX cloth simulator thing. Thanks!