Where To Get/Buy Static Mesh SHAPES

Hello, does anyone have any advice/ideas on where I can obtain or purchase a pack of various 3D shapes?

The Engine comes with a few defaults that are 2D and 3D, but I’m looking for other shapes (star shapes, crescents, etc.), and I don’t want to build them myself; my plate is already full.

hi @Leomerya12 ,
We have all been waiting for 500+ shapes in
Game Animation Sample in UE Feature Samples - UE Marketplace (unrealengine.com)

Hello, @Jimbohalo10 ,

I’m unclear. Do you mean that these meshes have been added to the downloadable project? If so, I cannot find them.

hi @Leomerya12 ,
had a look and it seems only 2 static mesh
Anyway bought this when it was in a sale on Marketplace, its now FREE!

Assetsville is happy to introduce the first ASSET PACK from a brand new LOW POLY SERIES for Unreal Engine. The set contains over 800 HIGH QUALITY MODELS crafted by professional 3D artists with a vast experience in the game development industry.

The various sections have many 3D models built from static meshes.

Assetsville Town in Environments - UE Marketplace (unrealengine.com)

In the project there is a map called “Overview” which lays out the assets

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Ah, yes, I have this pack (and over 3000 others).

I was really hoping for a dedicated shape library, because I can garbage panda my way through each and every static mesh I own, but, at that point, I might as well try to create models in Blender.

Very strange this doesn’t (to my knowledge) exist already.

Control Shapes and Control Shape Library in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.4 Documentation | Epic Developer Community (epicgames.com)

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Unfortunately, this still requires work on my part.


Thanks for your insight, however.

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