Where to get a car template with steering wheel and door opening for UE5?

I’ve been trying to make car bones for 2 days, but nothing works - objects are spinning, they don’t react to the code in any way. My setup in blender and unreal engine 5 does not work in any way. I am in despair, it remains to watch the working version.

Hi Acces,

Take a look at the Car Configurator sample project. (It looks like the web version of this marketplace page is broken, so just search for ‘Car Configurator’ in the Marketplace section of the Launcher.)

Thanks for the information. This is what is needed (I hope so). But it does not start, although the version of the installed engine is suitable.

Strange, I’m noticing a difference in the page when I view the ‘Car Configurator’ page.

In the launcher: if you click on ‘Library’ and scroll down to your Vault, are you able to create the Car Configurator project from there?

No, I can’t create a project from there. However, the issue has been resolved, a video in which a person manually created all the bones helped me a lot: How to rig vehicle in Blender 2.8 for UE4 [No Sound] | Blender 2.8, Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube
This allowed me to understand how the bones work, after which I was able to continue creating all the objects myself.

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