Where to find nameplate & level data?

I’m attempting to make a mod similar to French Grandpa’s Health & Torpor Bars that doesn’t have to be first in the mods list. All I’m looking to do right now is have the name of the dinos and their level show up. Basically what already shows when you get really close to them, but bigger and further away (and as a more formal “nameplate”). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If you wanted names to show further away you could try increasing the NPCs “Max Cursor HUDDistance” within the Dino Characters BP. There a few other tweaks that you could possibly try out but anything like the other mods that you see with custom HUD would have to be loaded first in the load order (at least at this time).

i tried to override the “Max Cursor HUDDistance” for all dinos inside a trigger sphere. did not work. is there another way to increase the distance we can see the wild dino name tag/level?