Where to find good affordable voice actors?

Basically title. Does anyone have experience working with any companies or individuals?

I think I would be inclined to make my own. Friends, relatives. I can’t think of anyone who would decline. old, young

You can find the cheap and the ppl like Final Fantasy voice actors over there, for fair prices.
The only issue I had there was that I tried to hire Noctis voice actor, but these guys are aaaalways booked so I had to go with the cheap ones for a project I worked on…

I’d rather get couple of my friends together and record them and stuff. Could get it done for free too :cool:

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I use friends and family mostly.

If I hear a voice I like when I’m out. I’ll say some thing to them ( I have a business card made up!) I tell them of my project tell the time line and to CALL ME. I tell them there’s not much money in it but I well feed them well (Steaks, rib…) Try to get as many people there at one time as I can Makes them fill more at ease. I don’t ask for there names or numbers. Most have call back. (surprised me)
I only ask a woman if my wife is with me.

I’m building a hole new sound studio in my basement. I would love to rent a office space for my studio but That’s out of the question right now.

you can record your own voice and change the pitch and octave.
a second reason to get as many people there at one time is they well interact with each other and the voice come across with more emotion. (I found it to be true for me.)

Good luck

“Yes, yes pretty voice lady… come into my basement. You will be fed quite well for your cooperation…”

:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry. xD I appreciate this thread though.

I own a large Steam game community that I can access for just about any type of person from anywhere in the world, most would love the chance to be used in game, and you can find the gambit of voice types. Hit me up and I’ll put the word out for you.